Thursday, 23 November 2017

Year 7 camp

                                            Year 7 camp.

This week we went on our camp to Auckland.We stayed at the YHA Youth Hostel. The city was filled with pollution and smelled like farts and smoke. We walked everywhere and went so far on our little legs. The war museum was kind of boring but the maritime museum was so good. The don,t touch room was the best same with the sailing simulator. the food was nice and I would like to do it again. The overall the rating is 8/10 it could have been better in the whole aspect of not swimming, staying with an adult at all times. We know where we are going but it's difficult to learn when you have to listen to adults shouting at us to do something, or go left or go right. Big thanks to Mrs N for organizing the camp same with the Adults for putting up with us just.

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