Friday, 22 September 2017

piece by piece.

On Wednesday, We had a visitor from keeping Raglan Plastic Free. We looked at the life of a plastic bag and how it travels. We had to finish a puzzle on how the story started and how it ended it was fun. On Thursday we made reusable bags out of old T-shirts. We learned facts about plastic. plastic is wrong. When plastic entered the environment it breaks down into microplastics. that if the animals in the bottom of the food chain eat it goys like this. an ant eats the microplastics a bird eats the ant the eagle eats the bird the fox eats the eagle the wolf eats the fox the tiger eats the wolf the lion eats the tiger some insane psychopath kills the bear and sells it and some poor innocent person eats it where did that microplastic end up. in the poor innocent person bodies or toilet. The facts where brain boggling.

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