Thursday, 13 April 2017

Term reflection.

Term reflection.

This term has been fun. I can’t remember all of the stuff that we did so I am trying to think of all of them. Term 1 was pretty cool I liked getting to know Mrs N. The closest thing that I can remember clearly would be the mountain biking I loved it so much. I did jumps, drifts and got good air. I liked going down the whole mountain on a bike but the climb up there was so painful. I hope that we can do it next year. I am so tired this week with mountain biking and just because it is nearly the school holidays. I enjoy hanging out with my new classmates . Dion is not that bad, at the start of the term I got distracted by him a lot. I still get distracted by him but I know how get my work done. This year I am getting all of my work done which is really good.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Integrity games

Integrity Games 

On Friday, we had Integrity games with Tawa Team. I liked being a teacher, they all knew our game but lots of kids sat down and would not play which was pretty disappointing, since we spent so much effort on making it perfect for them.