Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Finns 2016 montage

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Finns movie roport

Finns Matilda movie report.
In the movie Matilda by Danny Devi to. He used Roald Dahl’s Matilda . The movie was put out in 1996 the angles used in this movie where birds eye , low angle and close up etc.

Matilda walks out of the car. We haven’t seen the school yet so it holds suspense. They let you see the school but it’s looking down on it. When Mrs trunchbull gives Bruce the cake we look down on it so we know just how big it is.
When the door slams shut in our faces it’s showing us that we are not  invited and that we are sneaking in. Walking down the stairs the shadow imitates us by how she’s walking. You can see what type of person she is with no light around her.

When Matilda walked in the gate the cameras zoom in on her face she looks like she is judging the school. When Matilda's dad tries to get the hat on the cameras zoom in on his worried face. When Lavender says hi the cameras zoom in on her nice face.
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Devi to used some good camera angles to describe emotions that are meant to intimidate i’m big/you're small. Matilda will have to do challenges that no other girl can.