Friday, 8 April 2016

learning conference

My learning conference
My learning conference was good as gold because I had no negative comments just positive ya.
I like that I had a smile from my parents rather than a frown ,because I flipped it around :).
Here is my learning conference slide for tearm 1.

Assembly peformance

We went to the noho  and we learnt a song we spent 5-7 weeks to get pefect then the time came to stand up and share here is the link. My waiata

Museum trip.

We went on a trip and saw some cool stuff.And then we wrote a argument it was . Was going to see Da Vinci's machines a waste of time. I thought it was not .here is my argument.
Waste of time what planet are you from Pluto. I think that going to see Da Vinci's machines was not a waste of time . At the museum I found out that Da Vinci was home school. Da Vinci also made the first robot the drummer,the loin. Da Vinci made the most famous painting ever created called the Monalisa, it took him 15 years.

It was not a waste of time because the trip was fun and hard . we built bridges working as a team
it turned out easy to make them. There was hands on machines like the chain and jack the ball bearing drill.

At the museum I learnt that 2 of my designs would never work with out a key turner. I bet heaps of other people learnt stuff. It was very interesting the machines ,the mirrors ,the they fell for us.

Displaying 20160307_131054.jpgDisplaying 20160307_130643.jpgI think that going to see Da Vinci's machines was not a waste of time.Displaying 20160307_140411.jpgDisplaying 20160307_134839.jpg

Thursday, 7 April 2016

2016 school fair.

Displaying 20160304_153005.jpg
Displaying 20160304_153038.jpgEvery 2 years we have a school fair.This year our school had a school fair . We are fundraising for our new sport shed it is going to help us because 2 is better than 1. Here are some photos off the fair this years one.

room 9

room 9
Displaying 20160304_165658.jpgsome people having fun.

school triathalon

My school has a race every year this is my age race
I am at the back .First when needed to run,bike,swim. It was really hard to con pleat it . I was so happy to come 4 in it. I had fun I can't wait for next year.